Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving day!

Sunday was the big day, and it went very well. Devi is now living at her new home - an alpaca farm much closer to where I live. She rode in a mini van for about an hour without much fuss, although she had to be lifted into it. She arrived at her new home around noon, and was in with her new herd mates within a few minutes. She hummed a bit when she got out of the van, but settled quickly once the halter was removed. She met a young male alpaca, Jollimon, who is close to her age, and way too excited about having another weanling around. He was following her around and getting a bit too close for Devi's comfort. She let him know the rules with a couple of good kicks (her kicks hurt. Ask me how I know), and a couple of spits too. I've never seen her spit before. Within half an hour she was grazing with her herd mates. Her ears were down occasionally, but when the girls in the adjoining paddock approached the fence she showed interest, greeting them with alert ears and a submissive lift of the tail. It's amazing how adaptable alpacas are. They really are remarkable creatures. I don't think things could have turned out better. Devi is adjusting nicely, and I get to see her much more often. The family who owns the farm are my alpaca angels. Without them I either wouldn't have alpacas or my alpacas would be very far away. Alpaca, singular, I should say. I've decided to get a second animal soon, but it will be a pet quality fiber animal. I'm going to focus large amounts of dollars on saving for land, but I do want a second animal so I can have the fiber, and so both of my animals will be bonded as herd mates already when I finally do get a property (sometime in the next eleventy billion years or so).

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  1. What a cute blog! I'm going to try to learn to spin our alpaca fiber in May. (having a class at the farm.) Hope I can pick it up.

    Good luck with your alpacas. Look forward to hearing more about them.