Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Charter Oak Alpacas Fiber Studio!

I haven't posted in quite a while, but things have been busy. However, Charter Oak Alpacas (yup, that's my farm name) Fiber Studio has been running in full swing. I finished spinning up that bay black cria fiber and got about 350 yards of nice light fingering two ply that will be a tam soon. (Pics to be posted.) I finished washing the beige fiber I was given by my mentor farm. I divided and dyed it into six different colors using food coloring and my dye pot. It was too much fun. It was at it after work each night for a few days, and got some nice results. The purple, green, and blue were blended using hand cards into rolags that are spinning up into a nice sea green with blue and purple highlights. I plan to ply the singles so the colors can accent each other more. I think I'll call it seaweed. The red, yellow, and orange are being blended with hand cards too. I plan to spin those rolags into dk weight singles after I'm done with the seaweed yarn. They look like fire in rolag form, so I think that yarn will be called forest fire.

Meanwhile, Devi will be moving to her new home on Sunday. She's weaned now and doing great, although apparently it was a bit stressful for my mentor farmers. They have been awesome. I went up there last weekend to try to work with her in the catch pen. I failed, but she was great. She calmed down more quickly. I just kept getting nervous. I need to work on that Dog Whisperer-esque calm-assertive energy. I discovered she has a major food motivation though, so I think I'm going to try clicker training her like I do with my cats.

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