Monday, April 27, 2009

Surprise shearing

It's been hot around here. Absurdly hot for late April. That's why we agreed to go ahead and shear the alpacas yesterday. Devi and the alpacas that live on the farm where I board her all got sheared yesterday, rather than the scheduled shearing day of May 9th. Devi did very well, aside from refusing to follow on the halter. She had to be carried to the shearing mat, but she didn't scream or spit during shearing. She struggled against the ties a couple of times, but that was it. Maybe she realized how much better she felt once all that hot fiber came off. I got to reap the benefits. I don't know the shearing weight, but her fiber is a lovely bay black with a nice staple length and wonderful fineness. I can't wait to spin it! There is also plenty of seconds and thirds to be sent off and turned into a rug or something. Alpacas look so funny after shearing, like little aliens with skinny little necks. It's very cute. I'm looking forward to watching her fleece grow out again over the next year.

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