Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's in your van? (aka Best weekend EVER!)

This was the best weekend ever! Saturday night we went to Boston to see one of our favorite bands, The National, perform at the House of Blues. It was an outstanding performance. If you enjoy Indy Rock, or even if you don't and are looking for something new, I highly recommend you purchase their album, The Boxer. The National uses interesting lyrics, unusual combinations of instruments, and unusual textures in their music to create a unique listening experience. They are excellent live performers too.

Sunday we (finally) got our second girl, Evita. That's her riding home in my in-laws' van. She's a sweet girl with nice fiber, which will soon be available as yarn, dyed fiber, and raw fiber on my Etsy shop. She was very good in the van, until we turned on the radio. Oops. She didn't like that so much. She also wasn't a fan of the downpour on the roof of the van. She got up and walked around in circles in the back of the van, which made me a bit nervous, but she settled down again as soon as she figured out that nothing really bad was happening to her. 1st lesson, bring a smaller vehicle. 2nd lesson, no radio.

When we got her to her new home she hopped out of the van like it was no big deal, marched right into her new pasture and made herself at home. As soon as I took the halter off she was chowing down on some hay. The three young ones were checking her out, and she was cool with everything, although she let the young ones know the boundaries with a spit or two.

Driving with an alpaca was surely a unique experience. I wish I had the chance to take a spin through a drive thru window or a toll booth. Maybe next time. I would love to see that reaction.

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  1. Isn't it amazing that we can haul them in our vans, and, yes, you must stop at a drive through. So much fun from these critters.