Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Most Awesomest Alpaca Farm!

It's February break, so I'm away from my kiddos for the week. Still a ton of work to do for school, but at least we all get the mental break we need. I took advantage of my mental break time by visiting another farm here in CT. Six Paca Farm has 46 awesome alpacas, and a store with a coffee shop where you can sit and watch the herd of alpaca! OMG!! This is exactly what I want to have some day! Soooo, jealous. I got to visit with the owner, Linda, who talked with me for three hours and was kind enough to answer a ton of questions and show me her animals. Her herd is amazing. She has gorgeous girls and handsome boys that are all very well socialized and handle well. The girls were so sweet! There was one fawn colored girl that just stood next to me and let me pet her. It was awesome. I could have stayed there for hours. I think it's worth the long drive just to go there and hang out. Unfortunately for someone like me with 'less' money, it's probably not likely that I will ever have anything as awesome, but I can dream and enjoy the alpaca I have now and the one or two more I will have. Anyway, the pic is of the Six Paca herd running in from the pasture. Yeah, they actually all come running for Linda!

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