Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can't wait until shearing day....

That's why. Friggin' cute! Plus, I get some cria fiber to card and spin. I already got my hand carders and some practice fleece so I don't ruin Devi's fleece when I finally get it. I washed the fleece, but it's super dirty so I think it needs another soak. It's from a bay black cria on a farm in Michigan called North Star alpacas. They also sent me some fiber from a beige alpaca. I'll post pics when I'm feeling less lazy. I think I'm going to save the seconds and leg fiber and attempt to make a felted rug. I have an idea on that...more to follow. I have some corriedale to finish plying, then it's all alpaca...that is, until I decide I want to spin the rest of my hand-dyed (by me) corriedale. I'll post pics of that soon too.

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