Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not my alpacas.....

Sadly the two adorable animals in my title image are not mine. I borrowed the image due to it's cuteness overload factor. I will soon be a part of the alpaca industry, one way or another. I'm a full time music teacher, so no, I won't be wearing overalls and carrying a pitch fork any time soon. But, through the awesomeness of alpaca farmers in my area I found a farm where I can board animals. I'm going to a seminar tomorrow to learn about the industry and will be looking animals for possible purchase next weekend. I can't friggin wait! I only recently learned about alpaca farming, right after I got into spinning my own yarn, which was about a month ago. Since then I've gone from being fascinated to wanting alpacas more than I've ever wanted anything else before. So, tomorrow I learn more about alpaca farming, and hopefully in the next few weeks I have a pic of my own animal posted here.

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