Sunday, March 8, 2009

Frickin' awesome!

I finally finished my first hanks of yarn spun on my Fricke wheel. One is a low yardage yield singles yarn from a bat that came free with the wheel, courtesy of Nikol Lorh of Art Club.

Then, there's the corriedale from Susan's Spinning Bunny that I hand-dyed with Kool Aide and finished with quite a large hank of two-ply yarn. This is my first successful plied hank. (See the 'when yarn attacks' post.) I started with this:

and ended up with this:

I drafted each color together during the predrafting process, and allowed the colors to blend at random on the wheel. I plied the singles with a lighter version of the same three colors, also Kool Aide dyed. It was too much fun too spin, although I think I like spinning singles better than plying. I find I'm having trouble keeping the twist even when plying. I plied at the same ratio that I spun the singles on. Maybe that's too much twist for plying. I think it's decent for a beginner though. I'm more of a spinner than a knitter at this point. It's interesting, the directions life takes you. Without Ravelry, I would still be a struggling knitter, rather than a knitter, spinner, and alpaca owner!

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